Everything you need to master your time, focus and achieve your goals.

All of your goals in one spot

Kivvle offers guided goal creation to help you set effective goals. Uniquely designed to ensure you hit your target, Kivvle defines why achieving the goal is important to you and the first steps you can take to progress towards it. Easily view all of your goals at a glance and stay inspired to keep moving forward, with our vision board-esque goal dashboard.


Guided goal creation to give your goals a name, set a due date & more

Categorise your goals to keep them organised

Break down your goals into smaller, achievable actions

Group your actions to add structure

Add important notes and references

A master plan for every week

Kivvle helps you create the ideal week, with an easy to organise template. Use themed time blocks to set aside time for your goals and block out time for regular commitments. Kivvle makes sure your week stays organised just the way you want.


Set up your ideal week using our template, complete with customisable themed time blocks

Drag and drop actions to schedule them, using your themes as a guide

See at a glance which actions are due soon to get them into your plan

Let’s face it, you can’t always finish an action in one sitting. Our multi-schedule feature makes it easy to schedule an action multiple times over different time slots and days.

Your home to get stuff done

Jump into the dashboard to get a comprehensive snapshot of your day and what you need to get done. No more ‘where do I start’ moments. Keep things organised, save time, and continue to move forward.


Check out your calendar and list of actions to complete

View details for each action simply by clicking on it

Easily see your progress for the day

Review your progress & gain insights

To move forward you need to know where you stand today. Kivvle keeps you in the loop with detailed progress insights. Not only do you get a summary of which actions you completed, you can also see the ones you didn’t complete and the reason why. Eliminate the mystery surrounding your progress using real insights to improve and achieve your goals.


See the progress on your goals and the number of actions completed

See which actions are incomplete

Gain real insights into why you didn’t complete those actions

Receive a weekly summary email of your achievements, with actionable insights to improve

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