Meet Kivvle

Kivvle was built to help creators and entrepreneurs stay on track and avoid burnout.

Our story

Our founder knows what it’s like to suffer from burnout and disorganisation. He’s spent over 12 years managing projects of all sizes and starting businesses and side hustles but could never find a tool that got the results he wanted. Obsessive about productivity, he tried every hack out there – with no luck.

Frustrated with existing tools, sick of burnout, and tired of having zero work/life balance, he decided to do something drastic. He spent 8 years evolving the system that today drives Kivvle. Kivvle is the tool he always wanted but could never find.

Why other tools never worked

There are plenty of ‘task management’ and ‘productivity’ tools available but finding one that helps create real results is all but impossible.

Most of the existing tools either provide too much or not enough structure. They encourage you to create fake due dates to keep tasks moving forward. This creates a rigid and unrealistic way to work, a sea of red “overdue” tasks when life happens and overwhelm that isn’t productive. You end up missing important tasks with real deadlines as a result.

Other tools make you commit to completing a bunch of tasks in a period, without actually helping you make time to work on them or structure your week effectively. Essentially, they’re just another to-do list! And what about SMART goals? Everyone knows how important SMART goals are, yet this feature is lacking from almost every solution out there.

In the end, driven people need something more than a tool that checks things off a list and keeps them busy being busy. They need productive and time-saving tools to help them progress towards their goals. That’s what Kivvle is.

Our approach

We believe in using a proven system to get real results. That’s why Kivvle is different…

What Kivvle DOESN’T do

Doesn’t do the work for you…. sorry, maybe one day…

Doesn’t encourage you to set fake due dates

Doesn’t contribute to burnout

Doesn’t overlook your important goals

Doesn’t keep you “busy being busy”

What Kivvle DOES

Creates a framework for SMART goals

Sets you up for success – Failing to plan is planning to fail… Kivvle makes planning easy.

Allows for flexibility in your schedule – Life is unpredictable. Kivvle allows it to be.

Makes work/life balance important – Burnout is not sustainable, Kivvle keeps you balanced.

Makes sure you are always moving your life goals forward

Our mission

Kivvle’s mission is to support driven people to achieve the “unachievable”, by building tools that push them to get the best out of themselves, and ultimately live their dream life.

Our values

Our values are in our name, KIVVLE.

Keep it simple

Enough said…


We are bootstrapped. We are self-motivated and self-managed. We forge our own path.


We aren’t bound by job titles. We work when and where we are most productive. If there is a better way, we do it. We adapt.

Value driven

We value our Kivvlers and employees. Create mutual value for all.

Live large

We think big. We work hard. We have fun. We enjoy life.


We solve problems. We rise to challenges. We are resourceful. We get sh!t done.

Ready to get started?

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